Massages & Treatments

Treat yourself to some Luxury

Relaxing for the body, soothing for the spirit. Massages can work small miracles. The massage programme at our hotel in the Stubai Valley includes all classic treatments ranging from sports massages to foot reflexology treatments. Experience them yourself, it will be an enjoyable experience!


Appointments at the reception!
All massages can be combined by prior arrangement. Price information is available directly at the reception.

Classic Full-Body Massage

Head to toe

Classic Partial-Massage

Massage of a part of the body

Invigorating Sports Massage

Ideal after skiing or hiking

Foot Reflexology Treatment

Effects the whole body!
Focus on internal organs

Segment Massage

Blockages along the spine are released and the functioning of internal organs boosted.

Connective Tissue Massage

Problem areas in relation to the connective tissue are tightened and
the blood flow is boosted.


With pressure on specific points problems related to shortened muscles
are released long-term and cupping is used to boost the blood flow in the
respective areas.

Singing Bowl Massage

T-wave 50 is used to remind the cells of the body of their original structure.
The waves can penetrate the body deeper than conventional massage.

Ear Candle Therapy

Boosts the sense of balance, cleans the paranasal sinuses.