Relaxed from head to toe

The sharp-tongued refer to it as “lazing about”. We simply refer to it as “relaxing and unwinding”. And you really deserve it! Where else could doing nothing be more beautiful than on our sun terrace – or in our well-maintained spa area. There are fashionably designed sauna area with steam bath, infrared cabin and many extras awaits you. Sweating in the sauna, cooling off in the fresh air room afterwards, rejoicing at the ice-cold mountain spring water in our Kneipp fountain and sinking into a water bed at the end. Resting, unwinding – and then again from the beginning.

A hotel with sauna, that is all well and good, but it isn’t good enough for you? No Problem! If exercise in the outdoors  hasn’t tired you, you can continue in our gym featuring new LifeFitness machines. Or how about a massage? Nothing is more relaxing for body and soul than a soothing kneading and stroking. Check it out and make an appointment straight away.