Culinary Delights

Cheers and enjoy your meal!

We can honestly say that the pamper-board of the Hotel Brugger lives up to its name. What our kitchen team conjure up is a treat for the eye and the palate. That is due to the high quality of the ingredients and the careful preparation of them. We prefer to use produce  from local farmers and suppliers, who – just like we - place great emphasis on sustainability and regionality.  


As committed farmers we know about the preciousness of our food – the appreciation for nature and all it offers accompanies us on every step. Also in our hotel’s kitchen.

Ours is more than just a hotel with half-board service – our hotel is a family-run business with a well-appreciated restaurant, where meals are made with passion for good food. Once in a while festivities and parties take place – because people like to come here and to be spoilt. 


Good to know: The pamper half-board is an inclusive service in our hotel – in the summer as well as in the winter.